How to farm?
Go to the map and check out cities close to you. Those with zero might and/or no alliance are likely to be inactive. I would recommend cities level 20 or above as they are likely to have plenty of resource fields. Scout your choosen city to see its res fields and then send in your wagons, carts or troops. Farm each city once or twice a day and bookmark your cities. You will quickly build up a good farming list. Send troops with wagons if you need gold. Otherwise just send wagons as they are fastest. Once bookmarked you can just work through the list. Keep in mind other players farm too, so the amount of res you get can vary depending on when you farm. To check for inactives go to the rank tab select might gained then check your choosen city for current week and previous week. If both show zero then they are inactive. Do not do on Monday

How to avoid getting farmed?
Firstly farming is part of the game we all farm and get farmed, however if you are repeatedly getting farmed then here are a couple of tips. DO NOT build wall unless you have a huge army a 200+ knight on marshall and are unhid. Players hunt wall for easy kills. If you build it it will get knocked down. Secondly keep res below storehouse protection levels, bank if needs be there are always people on chat with spare res. if you regularly hold tonnes of res you WILL get farmed!

How to get 1 REAL token per day (the free chance every day isnt a token its a just a free chance for THIS day)        
1 go on to bottom task bar into share  
2 click on the email icon 
3 when the default email comes up click cancel 
4 another box then comes up with the option of cancel or save as draft
5 click save as draft it will then go back to share screen
6 follow steps 2-5 10 times and you will get a second token

How to hunt for crests
first you need a Round Tower (the higher the lvl the higher the drop rates). 
The higher the lvl of the pict camp the higher the drop rates.
And every pict camp needs to recover for 1 hour !!! So just 1 attack per camp per hour !!! 
Just lvl 6-10 camps will drop crests
Lvl6 pict camps just contains cavalry units (lc and cav),
So you should JUST send ground troops (militiamen, swordsmen, battering rams) and you'll lose less troops.
lvl7 pict camps just got ground troops so you should JUST send Archer troops (archers, ballistae, catapults) to lose less troops.
lvl8 is mixed dont attack
lvl9 is just archer class...just use cavalry troops
lvl10 is just cav use militiamen

Troops, buffs and fight startegies
T1 = fast built, cheap but slow
Perfect for gaining might
T2= sucks, don't train them 
T3= training takes ages, good for defense and fast
T4 = extremely expensive, same speed as T3 not worth to built except for defense
Troop usage:
Attacks = Use T1 to weaken the enemy or to finish him.... NEVER attack with just T3 or T4 it's wasted might !!!! a combination of T1 and T3/4 as a "final blow" is good but not needed.
Defending= always got a lot of T1 as cannonfodder but the spine of your defense should be T3/4 
Reinforcing = send max amount if troops mostly T1 cause of ratios
(Except you're asked to send other troops) 
Reinforcing to get kills = send whatever you want but at least 1 x T3 and 1x wagon (wagons are dying at last)
Fighting tactics = 
Port close and start attacks or use speed ups (cause T1 are really slow). 
Send T1 wav  to let the enemy know you're coming and maybe he will open 2-3 minutes before they're arriving that's a little time to start more waves and speed them up to get him with pants down.
Buffs = 20% or 100% def and att bonus are available ... 
20% is granted for 24h or 7days
100% is granted for 2hours
if youre using 20% more then once it will just increase the duration but if youre using 20% bonus and a 100% bonus you´ll get a complete bonus of 120% 
Attck bonuses: 
Use the 20% bonuses before or while you're attacking
The 100% bonus AFTER your first attack hits (so just use it after you've seen the report, don't waste it on a iron skinned or closed player).
Def Bonuses: 20% before or while attacking 100% (iron skin AFTER you see incoming attacks, several or let yourself get hit to lure the enemy and then activate it)
using reports to get fighting strategies: 
Always look what the enemy got, watch troops and set your strategy (isn't possible after the second hit most of the time) and always look at ratios !!!! because of iron skin or fury .....  I would suggest to attack just with knight lvl200+ but it depends on your enemy ... ratios should be : well hard to describe..... But easy said if you're just getting 1/1 or worse stop !!!! 

How to be a "smart" gemmer

kust interesting if you want to buy gems but don´t want to spend millions.... 

First = DON´T buy might chest (1m might chest, 8m might Chest, 10m might chest) its not worth it..... if you want to spend money spend it for your knights and buildings. 

Second = I´d suggest to JUST buy Madness Token Chests (399 Gems for 150 token) or Madness Token bags (35 gems for 10 Tokens) they are JUST available at Merlin´s Madness

Youre able to win EVERYTHING in merlin madness, from rss bonus up to Grail training, DI´s, Chests, Sword/Shield Mastery - if you can´t wait for madness events i´d suggest to buy Knights Boost chest or Devine Ascension Chest (both chests are useful the other regular chest are rather useless and too expensive)



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