T1/T2/T3/T4/T5/RSS/WSO wtf?

T1/T2/T3/T4/T5 = Troops

T1= Supply Troops, Militiamen, Archers, Light Cavalry

T2 = Supply Carts, Swordsmen, Ballistea, Cavalry

T3 = Supply Wagon, Battering Rams, Catapults, Heavy Cavalry

T4 = Caravans, Siege Towers, Fire Ballistea, War Wagons

T5 = Testudos

RSS = ressources

WSO = [W]ood [S]tone [O]re

WTF = .... guess you kow xD

AC = [A]llianbce [C]hat

GC = [G]lobal [C]hat

RI / reinf = reinforcing or reinforcements

Hidden = player hides his troops (Wall troops and Reinforcing troops will ALLWAYS fight !!)

open / unhid = player isnt hiding his troops 

Crests = Artifacts obtainable from pict camps, gather 100 to get a city deed (there are 3 different crest types, 1 for each city deed)

city deed = needed to build a second / third / fourth city (there are 3 different deeds needed)

DI = [D]evine [I]nspiration. needed to upgrade a building from lvl9 to lvl10

Elevate = upgrading a building beyond lvl10

mystical- enchanted- wonderous- crystals = are needed to elevate a building lvl*-*4 = mystical crystals, lvl*5 - *7 = enchanted crystals, lvl*8 - *10 = wonderous crystals (for lvl*11 you need a "special DI... sy forgotten how it is called)

Why can´t i reqest RSS in ac?

cause just officers and above are able to reqest rss


officer is a "rank" in an alliance (ranks are given AND taken by leaders and Vices) ranks need to be earned


Reinforcing means you´re able to help someone in battle.... sending troops to his/her city which will fight (and they allways fight!!! So NEVER reinforce someone whos hidden) ohh and reinforcing troops eating the food from the city the´re stationed


Farming is when you attack another to steal its resources (food, wood, stone, ore, gold). 

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