infos + max lvl


Conquer more wilds

Build more rss buildings

neccessary for upgrading cottages

max lvl *11 





more space for wall trops

faster training of wall troops

higher defense bonus

necessary for Castle

max lvl *11


more population

max lvl *11

Knights Hall

get more knights

max knight lvl is locked to knights hall level = the higher the knights hall is the higher your knights could be

max lvl 10

PRIORITY for upgrading to lvl 10

rally point

letting you send more marches (up to 10) and more troops per march (up to 120k troops)

max lvl *11


PRIORITY for upgrading to lvl 10

Alchemy lab

necessary for researches

max lvl 10

PRIORITY for upgrading to lvl 10 cause reasearch bonus are counting for all cities



necessary to join or create an alliance AND necessary for reinforcing troops !!

SPECIAL = you cant deconstruct or destroy it while you´re in an alliance

max lvl10

info = do you really need an embassy in every city? do you really need reinforcements in every city? = NO so just build 1 embassy

Round Tower

necessary to get crests AND to trade special items (flawed rubies for mystic crystals for example)

max lvl10

SPECIAL = can´t be deconstructed, can just be build once

Watch Tower

Shows you incoming attacks (the higher the level the more informations you´ll get.... troops, amount, knights, where from, remaining time)

max lvl10

SPECIAL = can´t be deconstructed or destroyed

Relief Station

decreases marching time between own and friendly cities 

max lvl10


needed to train troops

max lvl*11 (elevate able)

SPECIAL = amount of barracks deceases training time


Necessary to build relief station, necessary for training T2,T3 and T4 horsed units

Light Cavalry, Cavalry, Heavy Cavalry and War Waggons

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